In IT, error prevention isn’t just a strategy; it’s an investment in system reliability and security. The pressure to keep up with market demands, data security, and operational efficiency can be overwhelming. What’s the key to navigating these turbulent waters and ensuring your IT team’s success? The answer lies in identifying and preventing common errors that can hinder your progress.

At Freeway, as Salesforce expert services, we understand the importance of keeping your IT systems running like a well-oiled machine. That’s why we’ve crafted this blog to help you avoid the most frequent errors in the software development lifecycle.

Furthermore, in this blog, you’ll get to know Freeway’s Salesforce Managed Services, an exclusive service for companies in the United States that offers comprehensive and customized solutions to optimize your Salesforce platform’s performance and maximize your ROI.

The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place; in IT, error prevention is the most valuable strategy. Keep reading and discover, hand in hand with a salesforce development experts, Four Ways to Prevent Common IT Errors!

Want Your IT Team Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine? Avoid These Pitfalls   

Preventing errors in IT teams not only enhances system stability but also increases end-user confidence and satisfaction. Imagine an IT team that operates seamlessly, where every piece fits perfectly, and every process flows smoothly. That’s the vision of every tech leader, isn’t it? However, the reality is that errors can lurk around every corner, threatening to derail even the most diligent teams.

Error prevention in IT isn’t just a practice; it’s a mindset. We’ll explore four common errors that can hinder the software development lifecycle. From lack of integration between systems to negligence in ALM processes, these errors can undermine your IT team’s efficiency and effectiveness. But don’t worry, we’re here to provide you with the solutions you need to avoid these obstacles and lead your team to success.

Break Down Your Project into Smaller Tasks for Better Control

Break Down Your Project into Smaller Tasks for Better Control

1. Break Down Your Project into Smaller Tasks for Better Control

Every great achievement starts with small steps. The same goes for the world of technology. When it comes to IT projects, the key to success lies in breaking the project down into smaller, manageable tasks. Why? Because by doing so, you gain greater control and a clearer view of your progress.

Imagine you’re planning a road trip. You wouldn’t hit the road without knowing where you’ll stop each night, right? Similarly, when designing an application, it’s essential to plan how you’ll divide the project into smaller pieces.

Let’s take a common example in the IT world: your IT product manager wants to implement a new feature button that simplifies users’ lives. Without clear task division, you risk your team getting lost along the way and delivering a feature that doesn’t meet expectations. This not only leads to delays but also additional costs and frustration.

However, with the right tools, like Salesforce’s DevOps Center, you can break your project into clear and defined work items. From user stories to specific tasks, each item becomes a step towards your ultimate goal. With this approach, you keep your team focused, increase efficiency, and ensure that every part of the project moves forward smoothly.

At Freeway, as Salesforce Development Experts, we understand the importance of organization and control in IT projects. That’s why we encourage you to follow this simple yet powerful advice: divide and conquer. By doing so, you’ll be one step closer to your goals and avoid the common errors that can hinder your success.

2. Simultaneously Build Tools with Collaborative Efforts 

Build Tools with Collaborative IT Efforts

2. Simultaneously Build Tools with Collaborative Efforts

Every member of your IT team is like a fish in their own ocean of skills. From coding masters to integrated development environment (IDE) enthusiasts, each one has their own way of working. Why force everyone to swim in the same pond?

As Salesforce expert services, we believe in the strength of diversity and collaboration. That’s why we encourage you to build tools simultaneously with collaborative efforts. What does this mean? It means allowing each member of your team to work within their individual strengths, using the tools that best suit their working style.

Imagine a world where your developers can code in the environment they prefer, whether it’s a low-code environment or a professional code environment. Instead of imposing a single tool, opt for a platform that allows for simultaneous coding and automatic real-time changes.

For example, while one programmer continues to develop with clicks, others may opt for more advanced coding options. Whether from their desktop or through a web browser, tools like Salesforce Extensions for VS Code or Code Builder make coding more efficient and flexible.

But that’s not all. Artificial intelligence is here to make your programmers’ lives even easier. With features like AI-assisted code completion and automatic code generation, your teams can save time and reduce errors. And how about a little extra help to run tests and verify AI logic? That’s where Einstein for developers comes in.

Building tools simultaneously with collaborative efforts not only improves your IT team’s efficiency but also fosters a positive and motivating work environment.

Test in Dedicated Environments before Implementation 

Test in Dedicated Environments before Implementation

3. Test in Dedicated Environments before Implementation

Building security is as important as building innovation. This maxim is especially true in the world of software development. Why risk costly and damaging errors when you can test and perfect in dedicated environments?

Imagine you’re sketching a drawing. With a pencil, you can easily erase and adjust. But with a marker, a single mistake can ruin the entire drawing. The same goes for software development. An error in production can have catastrophic consequences for your business.

That’s why secure development environments, like Salesforce Developer Sandbox, are a blessing for IT teams. Here, they can experiment and test without fear of damaging real business data. In fact, according to our data, teams using sandboxes see a 38% increase in software product quality. That’s a change worth making!

But the real magic happens when you can test your changes in environments that simulate reality. Salesforce offers partial and full copy Sandboxes, where your developers can work with data equivalent to production. This means they can be confident that their application will behave exactly as expected when it’s time to deploy the changes.

After your programmers complete their assigned tasks and test their features with production-like data, they can bring their changes to the integrated environment for testing. Using tools like Salesforce CLI or DevOps Center, your teams can push changes efficiently and safely.

Once everything is ready for release, it’s time for user acceptance testing (UAT). Here, your quality control engineer can verify that all features work as intended in a full Sandbox. This additional step ensures that the software you deliver is of the highest quality and free of errors.

Confident Release: Strategies for Successful Deployment

Strategies for Successful Deployment

4. Confident Release: Strategies for Successful Deployment

 It’s cheaper and less disruptive to prevent an error than to correct it after it has occurred. Imagine you’re on the starting line of a triathlon. You’ve spent weeks, even months, training and preparing for this moment. Now, with the sound of the starting gun, it’s time to put everything into motion and cross the finish line with confidence.

The same goes for software development. After weeks of planning, testing, and refining, your features are ready for release. But how can you ensure that the release is safe and smooth?

At Freeway, as Salesforce cloud experts, we understand the importance of a successful release. Software errors can have devastating consequences, from financial losses to reputation damage. That’s why we provide you with the necessary strategies to ensure a safe and successful release.

Once your features have been thoroughly tested, it’s time to release them with confidence. Your version manager can promote the features to production through the DevOps Center, ensuring that each step is performed in a controlled and safe manner.

But the work doesn’t end there. After the release, it’s crucial to monitor the application’s performance for any potential issues. With tools like Event Monitoring, your observability engineering team can track and analyze performance trends in real-time. These data can be easily imported into data visualization tools like Tableau, giving you a clear and detailed insight into your application’s performance.

A safe release isn’t just a goal; it’s a necessity for any IT project. With the right strategies and tools, you can ensure that your software reaches the finish line smoothly and without hiccups.

Freeway, Born to fly with SalesforceFreeway and Salesforce Managed Services: Your Ally for Error-Free IT Management 

When it comes to IT management, every error can have a significant impact on your business. That’s why at Freeway, as Salesforce expert services, we pride ourselves on offering Salesforce managed services that provide you with the peace of mind and security you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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Our Saleaforce Managed Services not only offer you cost-effective solutions but also provide you with the peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is in safe and reliable hands. From planning and design to implementation and ongoing support, we’re here to ensure that your business runs smoothly, error-free, and without hiccups.

Don’t let IT errors hinder your progress! Contact Freeway, salesforce development experts today and discover how our Salesforce managed services can take your business to the next level. We’re here to be your ally on the journey to success in the digital age.