Managed Services

Managed Services

The excellence of your Salesforce Team
is our main focus.

Managed Services

Empower Your Salesforce Projects with Our Expert Team

Freeway’s highly skilled Salesforce outsourcing team provides the perfect solution for your project needs. Our Trailblazers are certified professionals who leverage agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to ensure efficient collaboration and on-time project delivery.

Empower Your Salesforce Projects with Our Expert Team

Unmatched Efficiency with Freeway’s Squad Service

Leverage the power of our Squad Service and experience the best in Salesforce managed services. Here’s what sets us apart:


Agile and Adaptable

Our Squads seamlessly adjust to evolving project needs and your changing requirements.


Empowered Teams

Our self-organized Squads collaborate effectively, optimizing efficiency and quality.


Open Communication

We utilize methodologies that foster open communication both within Squads and with your Salesforce team.


Rapid Value Delivery

Our dedicated Salesforce Squads prioritize delivering continuous value to your business.

The little big details that make us unique

Salesforce Solutions


We know every road, every industry and every Salesforce cloud, nothing is impossible for Freeway.


Customer Centric

Squad teams with absolute dedication in Salesforce and focus only in your projects.

Customer centric

Better Together

We become part of your Salesforce team giving you the strength you need to fly with Salesforce.


Team Motivation

Agile cells allow team members to make decisions and work autonomously, giving you the best Salesforce Managed Service.

Unlock the full potential of your Salesforce Clouds.

Schedule a meeting today and tell us about your business needs. Let’s work together to make your business fly with Salesforce.

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