We’re thrilled to share the success story of our collaboration with Toyota Colombia, highlighting how Freeway, as a Salesforce partner, has driven an exceptional digital transformation for a leading automotive company in the Andean region.

Automotores Toyota Colombia (ATC) and its partnership with Freeway for digital transformation.

Salesforce para industria automotriz aplicado al caso Toyota en Colombia, con Freeway como partner implementador

Automotores Toyota Colombia (ATC) and their partnership with Freeway for a digital transformation.

Client and Challenge:

Automotores Toyota Colombia (ATC) is the exclusive distributor of the Toyota automotive brand. Since its establishment in 1959, ATC has been a pioneer in the country’s automotive industry, offering a wide range of vehicles known for their quality, innovation, and performance. ATC has established itself as a leader in the sector, providing reliable mobility solutions tailored to the needs of the Colombian market.

However, they faced the challenge of optimizing the management of their network of over 190 dealerships to deliver an exceptional and personalized customer experience in an increasingly competitive market.

Freeway’s Innovative Solution:

Freeway, with its deep experience and knowledge in implementing Salesforce solutions, designed and executed a comprehensive project that marked a milestone in ATC’s digital evolution. Our team of experts, comprised of highly skilled Project Managers, specialized Salesforce Architects, strategic Business Analysts, and Marketing Cloud Specialists, worked collaboratively with ATC to successfully implement a DCX (Digital Customer Experience) CRM.

This solution, based on Salesforce’s powerful Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud platforms, has provided ATC with a centralized, scalable, and highly customizable platform to optimize and enhance their business operations and marketing strategies.

Discover the Tangible Benefits of Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Los Beneficios Tangibles de DCX

Discover the Tangible Benefits of Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Tangible Benefits of DCX:

  • Centralized Data and Advanced Analytics: DCX has enabled ATC to consolidate and comprehensively analyze critical data related to customers, leads, prospects, and sales in real-time. This holistic view has strengthened strategic decision-making and boosted ATC’s operational agility.
  • Intelligent Process Automation: The implementation of DCX has led to the intelligent automation of business and marketing processes at ATC. This includes optimizing lead tracking, proactive sales opportunity management, dynamic customer segmentation, and effective execution of personalized, high-impact marketing campaigns.
  • Personalized Experience and Customer Journey Optimization: DCX has empowered ATC to deliver a highly personalized digital experience to its customers. Through advanced audience segmentation, the creation of highly relevant campaigns, and detailed customer journey tracking, ATC has driven customer loyalty and satisfaction to unprecedented levels.
  • Strategic Collaboration with Partners and Dealerships: The seamless integration of DCX with Experience Cloud has enhanced ATC’s strategic collaboration with its dealerships and business partners. This has created an effective collaboration network and strengthened business relationships, driving growth and joint expansion.
Automotores Toyota Colombia, líder indiscutible en innovación en la industria automotriz

Experience the transformative impact of Salesforce for ATC.

Learn about the transformative impact of Salesforce for ATC

Transformative Impact and Digital Future:

The project, spanning from June 2022 to March 2024, has had a transformative and quantifiable impact on ATC. From centralizing and standardizing communication with its dealer network to significantly improving customer relationship management, DCX has catalyzed positive change in all critical areas of ATC’s business.

This success story not only positions ATC as an undisputed leader in innovation in the automotive industry but also highlights Freeway’s ability to drive business excellence through strategic and effective digital transformation. For business leaders and visionary directors seeking to boost the growth and competitiveness of their organizations, this success story is a clear testament to how strategic digitalization can be a key driver in achieving ambitious goals and ensuring a digitally optimized future.

The impact on ATC has translated into a series of tangible benefits and measurable results:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Data centralization and process automation have significantly optimized ATC’s operational efficiency, reducing response times and increasing decision-making agility.
  • Increased Profitability: The optimization of marketing and sales strategies has resulted in a notable increase in conversion rates and, ultimately, sustained growth in ATC’s revenue.
  • Differentiated Customer Experience: Personalizing the customer experience has strengthened customer loyalty and satisfaction, generating long-term relationships and increasing positive recommendations and referrals.
  • Continuous Innovation: The adoption of advanced technologies like DCX has given ATC a competitive advantage, allowing them to continuously innovate and stay at the forefront of market trends.

ATC’s success in its digital transformation is not only due to its strategic vision but also to the solid collaboration and effective synergy between its internal team and Freeway’s expertise in implementing cutting-edge solutions. For organizations looking to embark on their own digital transformation journey and reach new levels of business success, Freeway is positioned as the ideal strategic partner, offering experience, innovation, and proven results.

At Freeway, we are committed to continuing to lead the way in business innovation and helping our clients achieve their most ambitious goals in the digital age. Contact us today and discover how we can take your company towards a bright and successful digital future!