Redefining Marketing: FIFCO and the Most Ambitious Salesforce Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud Implementation in Latin America

Can you imagine how a leading consumer goods company transformed its marketing plan using intelligent data? Discover how the most ambitious and complex implementation of Salesforce Data Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud in Latin America changed marketing at FIFCO.

La colaboración clave entre FIFCO y Freeway: Implementación exitosa de Salesforce

The collaboration between FIFCO and Freeway was key to achieving a successful Salesforce implementation.

Key Collaboration Between FIFCO and Freeway: Successful Salesforce Implementation

Working closely as a certified Salesforce partner, Freeway played a key role in the successful implementation of Salesforce Data Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud for FIFCO. Our primary goal as Salesforce Consulting experts was to help FIFCO incorporate innovative technology to create hyper-personalized experiences and messages. This allowed for more effective communication with consumers across their diverse brands, delivering precise messages at the right moments and strengthening the connection with their extensive portfolio.

Salesforce Data Cloud: Unifying and Expanding Customer Data

Through the implementation of Salesforce Data Cloud, FIFCO efficiently unified its own customer data from various internal system sources and enriched it with additional information from external sources, such as publicly available social media data or internet browsing behaviors. This unique integration of first-party and third-party data was key to creating complete and accurate customer profiles, including detailed information about preferences, purchasing behaviors, and consumption patterns, which is the great differentiator of Salesforce Data Cloud.

Intelligent Segmentation and Personalized Journeys: Hyper-Personalized Experiences for Consumers

With the data unified in Salesforce Data Cloud, FIFCO was able to perform smarter audience segmentation. They identified segments based on demographic characteristics, purchasing behaviors, interests, and other relevant data. This segmentation allowed FIFCO to personalize their messages and offers more effectively.

FIFCO logró un crecimiento espectacular del 181% en nuevos perfiles de datos, acompañado de un notable aumento del 500% en la interacción con los consumidores

In just four months, FIFCO achieved a spectacular growth of 181% and a 500% increase in consumer interaction.

Additionally, thanks to the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, FIFCO can now design personalized journeys for their customers. These journeys allow them to deliver the right message at the right time through multiple channels such as emails, text messages, social media, and digital advertising. Using first-party data from Salesforce Data Cloud, FIFCO can offer specific messages and offers for each customer segment, improving the efficiency and personalization of their marketing campaigns.

Impressive Results

The result was truly impressive: in just four months, FIFCO achieved a spectacular 181% growth in new data profiles, accompanied by a remarkable 500% increase in consumer interactions.

Opinions from the FIFCO Team: Satisfaction and Recognition for Success

José Murillo, Connections Marketing Manager at FIFCO, Fabiola Gómez Marín, Marketing Business Partner at FIFCO, and Andrea Navarro Rojas, Digital Marketing Director at FIFCO, expressed their satisfaction and recognition for the success achieved thanks to Salesforce implementation by Freeway.

José Murillo Connections Marketing Manager at FIFCO

“Let’s talk about how difficult it is to do something with data. When we hear the call to be ‘Data Driven,’ little is understood about the challenge it entails not only to collect good data but the immense challenges of processing, centralizing, and cleaning it.

And even then, we are just beginning. We recently won the opportunity to be published as a Success Case in Salesforce for the region. What you see here took us more than a year of hard work by multiple teams who believed in a vision and gave everything to make it materialize.

And while I’m incredibly excited about what we achieved and seeing it published here, it is just the beginning of our data journey. Here is the note if you want to read it. Congrats to everyone who believed and participated in this.”

Fabiola Gómez Marín Marketing Business Partner at FIFCO

“With great pride, a publication by Salesforce of our success case as a result of the implementation of Data Cloud for FIFCO Marketing. Just the beginning of this consumer-centered journey but a huge effort and learning experience for all of us who were part of this team.

Thanks to everyone; each contribution has led us to celebrate this today!”

Andrea Navarro Rojas Digital Marketing Director at FIFCO

“First came the browsers of Firefox and Safari, and from January 4th this year, Google Chrome started its Privacy Sandbox plan (eliminating third-party cookies), affecting audience segmentation on advertising platforms like Google, Meta, and TikTok.

For this reason, creating a solid and proprietary database of potential customers becomes very relevant when creating digital strategies in this era.

Therefore, I proudly congratulate my team—José Palma, Milena Saborio Rojas, Gloriana Cordero, Alonso Sanchez Tapia, Lucia Goicoechea, Alber Chinchilla Guzmán, Geremy Vargas Soto, Karla Solórzano Enríquez, and Fátima Corella—who, along with a great team at @Joystick Fifco, achieved a 181% growth in new data profiles and a 500% increase in consumer interactions. Thanks to José Murillo for his great vision in creating this project and the great support from Angel Garcia and Freeway Consulting, who, along with my team, made this project possible and that 2024 is just the beginning of achieving more relevant and personalized marketing initiatives.”

Salesforce Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud: Key Tools for Business Success

FIFCO’s success story is an inspiring example of the power of data in any company’s marketing strategy. At Freeway, we are proud to have collaborated with this leading consumer industry company in implementing Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud. We invite you to read more about this success story published by Salesforce and discover how synergy between companies can generate extraordinary results.

Salesforce Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud: Tools for Business Success

Salesforce Data Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are complementary tools that work together to help companies manage their customer data and execute personalized and effective marketing strategies.

Salesforce Data Cloud

  • Allows companies to collect, organize, and activate customer and prospect data.
  • Helps organizations better understand their audience, personalize their marketing strategies, and make data-driven decisions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Enables companies to create, manage, and analyze multichannel marketing campaigns.
  • This tool is designed to help organizations interact with their customers in a personalized and effective way throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Freeway: Experts in Salesforce Implementation

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